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UPSers 401k Plan: UPSers associates can access the site from any part of the world.This particular employee login portal is a safe and secure portal.To login to the site, you need to have your valid login details such as User ID(which is nothing but your employee ID) and password. So, that you can easily check your home page. If in case, you forget your password then you need to choose to forget password option which is given User ID and password login option and follow the corresponding procedure.You can also choose the enroll without password option for enrolling clicking on it details by the following procedure.

UPS Teamster 401k Saving Plan- UPSers 401k Plan:

According to the UPSers 401k plan, UPS offers the UPSers 401k plan to its employees using¬†Teamster-UPS National 401k Tax-Deferred Saving Plan. Helping to Deliver a Secure Future, there will be no tax consequences to transfer. UPSers 401k plan is an effective and convenient way to save money for the secure future.The particular employee who invested in the 401K plan certain amount will be deducted from the employee salary. The amount which is deducted from the employee salary will be invested in the 401k investment account plan of an employee.To know the more information about UPSers 401k plan you need to login to your account through your login details.After successful login in to your account you will be provided to access more information about different updates and plans news.if you just click on the “updates and plan news” which is there on the right side of your page then there will be a white colour option will opened in which there will be two options available one is Contribution Limits and another one is Access to investment Service.

UPS Teamster 401k Plan-Contribution Limits:

After clicking on the contribution limits plan employee will be able to view the information about their 401k plan.This plan will allow or permit you to contribute a particular portion of your account income and IRS(International Revenue Service) will set the maximum contribution limit every coming year for a particular employee

UPSers 401k Plan
Upsers 401k plan

It is important to note that contribution limit for the year of 2017 of the Roth or the pre-tax is 18,000 dollars.If you are fifty years old or above you can also give 6000 dollars.with the total amount of 24,000 dollars in the year 2017. You can check UPSers login page instructions here.

UPS Teamster 401K Plan-Access to Investment Service:

UPSers 401K Plan
Upsers 401k plan

After clicking on the Access to Investment plan employee will be able to get access to investment and savings. To access the Investment Support, there will be support team which will be provided by Voya retirement available advisors. The advisors will be professional management and online advice of Voya retirements.If you face any kind of issues while logging or service offered, you can just call can call and speak to VRA available advisor or available participant representative. According to the eastern timings, you can call them between 8.a.m. in the morning and 8.p.m. in the evening from Monday to Friday.

To learn more about UPS Teamster 401k plan, access your account or enroll in the plan.